About Scopi

Scopi is a diagnostic medical device designed to transform comprehensive cleft care in developing countries. Without access to nasoendoscopes, children born with cleft spend years in ineffective speech therapy, face social isolation and delayed language development. Scopi costs 10% of current equivalent equipment, is easy for speech therapists and physicians to use, and connects to smartphones to allow easy communication of results. The goal of Scopi is to help children with cleft lip and palate get the care they need in order to have good quality, understandable speech by the age of 5 so that they can enter school able to participate fully in class and communicate with their peers.

How Scopi works

  • The tip has a diameter of only 3mm and contains a camera and lighting.
  • The camera connects to the processor unit. It is shaped like an elephant.
  • The processor connects to a smartphone. The phone displays the image that the camera sees. The phone is held by the doctor during the procedure or placed onto a table or mount nearby.