Scopi is dedicated to closing the gap in comprehensive cleft care with an affordable and reliable nasoendoscope.

Scopi is a diagnostic medical device designed to transform comprehensive cleft care in developing countries. Only 12% of clinics worldwide have access to nasoendoscopes, an essential diagnostic device, due to their high price and unwieldy design. Without access to nasoendoscopes, children born with cleft spend years in ineffective speech therapy, face social isolation and delayed language development. Scopi costs 10% of current equivalent equipment, is easy for speech therapists and physicians to use, and connects to smartphones to allow easy communication of results. Scopi is a small innovation that can have a big impact on the lives of children in developing contexts. We have partnered with the cleft care NGO Smile Train in order to bring Scopi to the world.

How is Scopi different?

With a retail price of $500, Scopi costs 10% the cost of current equipment

Scopi is portable and lightweight. It is easier to use because the video, sound, light, and power are sourced from the nasoendoscope and the smartphone, without the need for the bulky imaging platforms that are the current standard.

Scopi plugs into a smartphone, instead of the technologically-outdated legacy monitors used by current nasoendoscopes

Scopi is more comfortable and less intimidating for the pediatric patients because it is made in the shape of a fun, colorful elephant, where the scope is the elephant’s trunk.